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Cool Things From Around the Internet — DC, Marvel, and More!

So, I figured it might be cool, informative, or, at the least, interesting to compile some of the more interesting tidbits I’ve glimpsed on the internet in the past week or so. WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS CONTAINED IN THIS ARTICLE AND ACCOMPANYING MEDIA/LINKS First up, we have a sweet video that details all of the Easter

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Weekend Trailer Round-Up

Hello fellow movie dorks!  It’s the weekend and I was feeling froggy, so I figured I would rustle up some interesting trailers for you all to watch (assuming, of course, you haven’t seen them already).  If you want to make a request that we review any of these movies (for the podcast or the blog)

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This Just In: HolyShit! HolyShit! Deadpool! and the Leaked Test Footage

Update! A HD version of the video “leaked” online post this write up. Some edits have been made to correct inconsistencies. So this really interesting thing happened today. Alleged Test Footage of a Deadpool movie leaked on the internet today. And everyone’s first reaction is the same. FAKE! But wait I swear that’s Ryan Reynolds voice.

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Behold! Sam Wilson is the Falcap…er Captain Falcon…no…Captain America!

Marvel is killing it lately.  First, they give us a female Thor, who looks pretty badass (minus the helmet that looks a bit like a Hershey Kiss).  And now, they’ve revealed who the new Captain American will be and it’s Sam Wilson (a.k.a. The Falcon). I’m pretty stoked about this.  There are trolls and intolerant

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Batgirl Redesign! A Functional Outfit?!

Honestly, I meant to post something about this sooner and so I’m sorry that we’re a little late to the conversation. I was alerted to the new Batgirl design and the new writers via Dean Trippe (on Facebook, I believe) and I can honestly say that I’m genuinely impressed.  It looks like they’re taking a more

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And, here we have it — the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer!

Can I just say that, unlike some other movies, Guardians of the Galaxy seems to be making me want to see it more and more with each trailer they release.  This film looks like it’s going to be visually amazing with solid actors and I can’t wait until August for the fun. Rocket, I have

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Guardians of the Galaxy Teaser! Rocket speaks!

In less than half an hour we’ll get a new trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on this delicious new teaser in which Rocket finally speaks! Oh…yeah.