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“Batman: Arkham Origins” is How You Play it Safe

Yeaaaahhhh! Batman… again… Did we really need this game? And right now you’re probably thinking, “That’s an odd way to start a review for the third part in a series.” And I agree with you especially because you don’t know how I feel about the other games. So I will be writing reviews for Batman:

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Catching Up

Hi there folks! West and I sat down and recorded our first new episode in a couple of weeks. Illness and Rose City Comic Con put the kibosh on the last two weeks — sorry! So this week, we return to an older, semi-retired format where we just have a conversation to catch up. We

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What’s in the Box!?: Loot Crate’s July “Villains” Box

Given that it took me as close to forever as I was comfortable with to finish my Loot Crate vs. Nerd Block reviews, I figured I would go ahead and review Loot Crate’s July box while I was in the typing mood — so, you know, the review actually makes it out before July is

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