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All the News: TRON, Evil Dead, X-Men, Suicide Squad, and more!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a news update for you guys, but here goes a massive news dump! Some of it’s good, some of it’s entertaining, and, unfortunately, there’s a bit of news that’s potentially sad. We’ll start by just leaving this right here… Alright, now that you’ve had your 90’s nostalgia moment, let

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Cool Things From Around the Internet — Pixar News, an Automata trailer, a Ghibli trailer and more

Some more goodies from around the interwebs for your viewing/reading pleasure (or, in the least, intrigue?) — as per usual, SPOILERS MAY ENSUE. Automata Trailer A trailer for an neat-looking sci-fi film about robots was released.  It stars Antonio Banderas and it looks like it might be a less silly version of I, Robot.  Forgive

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