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Halloween is (Almost) Here!

Halloween is on Friday, so this is the last Sunday recording of our October/Horror/Halloween themed episodes. We hope you all have happy, fun, and safe Halloween adventures — don’t be a creep (costumes are not consent), be respectful with your choice of costume, don’t get too drunk, and be careful with the candy (teeth rotting

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The Horror of Strep Throat and Oz Kits

Howdy folks! On this week’s episode of The Nerd Method Podcast, West and I talk about how strep throat can kill you, some horror movies, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and more! Bonus: The Evil Within Trailer — Narrated by the guy who does like every horror movie trailer, yay!     http://nerdmethodpodcast.podbean.com/mf/web/ix5ew7/NMP_e048ItsAmazingWhatCanKillYou.mp3Podcast: Play in new window

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“Five Nights at Freddy’s” is a Job I Would Quit Night One

Okay, I love scary video games and, with this being October and all, scary games seem like a smart thing to review. Now when I say I love scary games I mean nothing gets me locked into a roll more so than a horror game. So as you would think I have played the all-stars.

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A Podcast on Elm Street

Hi there folks. This week we start by setting up how our October episodes will be recorded — in addition to our (seemingly) random topics, we’ll be reviewing one horror movie and one horror video game per week (just quickie reviews). Bonus Stuff: By the way, you should just subscribe to this guy’s YouTube channel…he

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Lone Survivor

The “Lone Survivor” in a World of High-End Games

I played this game that pixelated my nightmares. Okay maybe that’s a bit extreme. But Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut was one scary fucking game. And it did it without jump-scaring the shit out me. This is yet another game I got from PlayStation for being a Plus member, like most of the games I review,

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Weekend Trailer Round-Up: Somewhat Creepy Edition

What’s up nerds?  I’m working on a larger reflection of the subscription box services, but until I get that finished I figured I would round up some trailers for horror movies that I’ve seen recently.  Enjoy! The Green Inferno I’ve been a fan of Eli Roth’s ever since Cabin Fever, and I loved the dementedly-twisted

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