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San Diego Comic Con:
You Look Like Freddy Krueger Face-F$&%ed a Topographical Map of Utah

Hi there folks. This is going to be so late that it’s almost pointlessly stupid to still post it at this point, but that’s our MO. We talked about the stuff (or some of it) that was released at Comic Con this year. Mostly we talk about the bigger, comic book-related movies as opposed to

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SDCC 2015: The Con That Keeps on Giving
Deadpool, Ash vs. Evil Dead, Batman v. Superman,
Suicide Squad, X-Men: Apocalypse, and more!

Wowie wow wow, this year’s San Diego Comic Con had some pretty great trailers and announcements. This might be the first year I’ve ever regretted not being able to go. On second thought, that many people crammed into one place…nah, I’m still glad I just get the updates on the internet. I wanted to compile

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