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From Redbox: Interstellar, The Babadook,
The Theory of Everything, Gone Girl, and Predestination

Alright, I haven’t written some movie reviews in a while so I figured I’d throw a few Redbox suggestions to you all and hopefully keep everyone satisfied until I get the reviews up for Powers and Daredevil (once I’m finished watching them). I have a lot to get through, so I’m going to try to

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Doctor Who Season 8, Episodes 5 and 6 — “Time Heist” and “The Caretaker”

Sorry I missed posting about episode 5 last week, but I was busy with Rose City Comic Con. But, I figured I could couple it with my review of episode 6 and it wouldn’t be a complete loss. Spoilers are going to be below the image, but I’ll start with some of my spoiler-free thoughts.

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