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Like Short Films? Like Zombies? Then Check Out “Waterborne”!

I don’t necessarily like making posts that are essentially the Facebook/Tumblr equivalent of simply reposting something cool I’ve found, but I make exceptions when I find something truly awesome and that day is today, my friends. Zombie kangaroos? If that idea doesn’t make you perk up and want to watch this awesome short film, I

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And You Thought the South Sucked Before the Walking Dead Arrived

Hi there, folks. Hope you’re fans of AMC’s television adaptation of The Walking Dead, because that’s pretty much all West and I are talking about this week. We figure it’s appropriate to record on Easter with a conversation about zombies in honor of our lord and savior Jesus Christ Zombiesus Crust. Joined by our infrequent

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Cool Things From Around the Internet — Pixar News, an Automata trailer, a Ghibli trailer and more

Some more goodies from around the interwebs for your viewing/reading pleasure (or, in the least, intrigue?) — as per usual, SPOILERS MAY ENSUE. Automata Trailer A trailer for an neat-looking sci-fi film about robots was released.  It stars Antonio Banderas and it looks like it might be a less silly version of I, Robot.  Forgive

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